A Dress with Pockets

The other day at work, I became significantly aware of the amount of stuff I tote with me from meeting to meeting. These items include: my laptop, a wireless mouse, notebook, pen, projector dongle, cell phone, lip gloss, cup of coffee/water, mints and occasionally my project folders/print-outs. I counted, and that is 10 items, my friend! Needless to say, my fists are full, my laptop often serves as a carrying tray and I always pray that I’m not the last one into the conference room, because god help me if I have to turn the door knob without spilling said items! While I could bring my laptop bag to carry everything, I find myself relying on pockets instead. Pockets in jeans, tunics and dresses like this one get priority in my wardrobe because they are discreet and keep me from looking like an office supply hoarder.

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Tulips are my favorite flower, but this Mother’s Day I received these beautiful pink peonies. I had forgotten how pretty they are, especially after they bloom into a luscious bouquet. I’m documenting them here on this blog before my black thumb kicks in… which sadly, is just enivitable. I am still fine tuning my botany skills; one day I’ll master the perfect balance of watering blooms only when needed and putting them out for just the right amount of sunlight (remember this post about creating a bouquet?). In the meantime, at least I’ll always have this photo to remember them. What is your favorite flower?

Shoulder Cleavage


I jumped on the OTS (off-the-shoulder) bandwagon because I thought this blouse would be a nice addition to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Since the elastic sits around your shoulders, you can adjust the height based on the amount of shoulder cleavage you want to expose. Since I’m an OTS novice, I aired on the conservative side. But if you are younger, far more adventurous and perhaps after a tequila shot… or five, I guess this blouse could also make a nice skirt.

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