Any Given Sunday

On any given Sunday, you’ll find football streaming on our TV from morning ’til night. Yes it’s true, I live with a sports fanatic. Personally, I could give two s***s about watching football (baseball, basketball, golf…. you name it), but it’s an agreement I made way back before my husband and I were married; during football season he gets to watch the game on Sunday, and I get to dictate our schedule the rest of the week… for the rest of our lives. Seemed like a pretty fair deal, IMO, aside from all that “for better or for worse” stuff we also shook on. So while he is home yelling and screaming at the players, and frantically making changes to his fantasy line-up, I figured Sunday would be a good day to sneak out to shoot this athleisure-inspired look.

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Tea Time @ DAVIDs TEA – Palo Alto, CA

In honor of #FBF, and as a tribute to our final days of Indian Summer here in the Bay Area, I am sharing a visit I made last year to a cheerful tea shop in Palo Alto. What I initially thought was a stationary store because of the colorful shelves and decor, to my surprise, ended up being a tea bar. While I’m a coffee lover first and foremost, sometimes it feels too “heavy” for my palette and instead I crave a beverage that is cool and refreshing… yet will still deliver that caffeinated buzz! DAVIDsTEA is a nice coffee shop alternative.

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What to Wear as a Wedding Guest

Although we’re almost at the tailend of wedding season, I thought I’d share two very different looks my friend Ana and I recently wore to a coworker’s wedding. As a guest, if you don’t already have something to wear in your closet, putting together an outfit can be almost as daunting as the bride’s search for the perfect white dress. Ana and I spent countless hours scouring pictures of dresses on the internet before we found “the one.” But when looking for something to wear, there are a few very important things to keep in mind, because you obviously don’t want to be the one who shows up, trying to upstage the bride…

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Wild Breed

It’s always hard getting back into a routine after a long holiday weekend. Us Kims, we really know how to live it up… lots of long leisurely naps, dancing the night away at our friend’s wedding (ahem, 9pm!), catching up on Silicon Valley & Superstore, and a TON of pajama time.

We’re a wild breed, after all. ;-)

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