Riley’s 1st Birthday (Dol)

It is amazing how fast a year goes by, especially as a first time mom.  My little princess turns one today!  I still remember the day she was born, although I don’t remember much else anymore.  Since the first birthday is a big deal in Korean culture (called a Dol), it was important that we incorporate the Doljabee (see more information below) and dress Riley in a hanbok (traditional Korean outfit).

The Doljabee is the main celebration of Dol. A large table is prepared with over a dozen different types of rice cakes or ddeok (the main food).  Since we had her party at the Malibu Grand Prix Castle, we replaced these items with pizza and cake instead.  Food is not the only thing on the table, however; typically there is also a large spool of thread, a pencil, a book, money and a bow and arrow (or a needle, ruler and pair of scissors for girls).  However, we decided to switch out a few of these items and make it more interesting.  We added in a microphone and a tennis ball.  After the table is set, the baby picks up various items on the table that attracts  her. The items that the child picks up are said to predict the child’s future.  So what did Riley choose????
Riley’s fate is set.  She chose a stethoscope and microphone.  She will be a K-Pop doctor!  Her dad is very happy about her selections.
Four generations are photographed here – Granny, Mom & Aunt Bee, Me and Riley.
Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Riley’s 1st birthday!  We had a great time and look forward to seeing you all very soon!   XOXO, the Kims