The Happiest Place on Earth

u4wVqARvtnVwuYbmTdiezAe9yo2tQlPVt5CMXxiU_TE2013-06-08 13.56.57In June we went with Bryan and a few friends to Disneyland.  It was a quick trip; we flew if you were wondering.  I couldn’t imagine doing a seven hour road trip with a one year old in the car.  We spent a day at California Adventures and a day at Disneyland.  Our friends were nice and patient enough to switch off and watch Riley so that Andy and I could go on the rides too.  Thanks to a tip from a friend, we learned about the “Parent Swap” which allowed Bryan and friends get on the ride first.  When they got to the front of the line, they told the attendants the other half of the party (the parents, us) were waiting behind.  They were given a pass which we then used to cut the long line and get on the ride quickly.  This was definitely helpful and reduced the amount of time waiting for each other!  We had such a good
time at Disneyland that we are already making plans to visit DisneyWORLD (bigger and better!) in Florida with our friends, the Pachocas.

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We were on a mission to find the turkey leg, which they were selling in a little stand near the Matterhorn. We also got the pork shank which was tasty.

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Bryan was determined to locate where the alcohol was served.  Apparently they want those visiting California Adventures to get drunk. Look at all the pins on the map!

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