East Coast Reunion


My good friend and bridesmaid, April, moved to Maryland shortly after we graduated from high school in 199X…. ehh, never mind.  We alternated visiting each other after she relocated.  However, over the years our lives filled up with other stuff (mostly excuses, I guess) and my trips out East became less frequent.  When she called me this Spring, I realized I hadn’t been out to Maryland since she got married 10 years ago.  The timing and purpose of this trip however, was perfect.  April had just finished constructing her dream home, which is UH-MA-ZING, and she is celebrating 10 years (wow, a decade!!) of marriage.  So without hesitation the Kim family hopped on a plane to visit.  Also, what’s more patriotic than spending the 4th of July at our Nation’s capitol?  Check out the wedding party photos.  Ten years later, I’d say we all haven’t change much…. until we were able to exhale after taking the picture below!


We spent the 4th of July walking around the Mall, visiting the Smithsonians (and enjoying the free air conditioning), and then eventually settled down on the lawn to watch the fireworks.  It was truly a patriotic experience.  We also survived spending the entire day out in the humidity.  Us Californians are certainly not used to 90 degree weather and 90 percent humidity!


We were happy to spend the next day at the community pool.  It was definitely much cooler than walking around the Mall.  Check out the little missy strutting to the pool.  She’s ready for the swimsuit pageant!


A trip to Maryland wouldn’t be complete without eating blue crab!  Here is one picture of the five dozen crabs that we ordered.


To our surprise, there were actually other Koreans in Maryland.  The Pachocas took us to a  Korean BBQ restaurant called Honey Pig which reminded us of the ones they have in Seoul.  Andy was really happy.  From the picture above, I bet you wouldn’t have known that we were in Maryland huh?


On our last day, before heading to the airport we stopped by the mall to kill some time.  Lucky for the kids they had a carousel.  Riley did NOT want to get off the merry-go-round… or leave Maryland for that matter!!  Can you tell by her expression?!