Paint Nite Date Night


Last week we met a bunch of friends for Paint Nite at a nearby restaurant. It was a Living Social deal we all purchased a few months ago. A local artist led the three hour session in a step-by-step course to recreate Van Gough’s Almond Blossoms painting. It was fascinating to see that we all approached how we painted, so differently; some followed the instructions to a tee, meticulously measuring out exactly how many inches across and up to paint each branch. While others, like me, “winged it” instead, in more of an abstract approach. I think our paintings speak for themselves.

My favorite advice from our instructor was, “If you think your painting is ugly, just drink more!”
So what do you think? Did we make Van Gough proud or are these sad imitations? I can’t wait until our next paint night. We all agreed that next time we want to paint something a bit more challenging, but I think that may just be from all the paint fumes swelling our egos!

To find a paint night in your area, check out Paint Nite, Groupon or Living Social.

(Mom, I hope you’re not reading this post because you may be gifted an authentic Almond Blossoms portrait for your birthday next month! hee hee)