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Do you watch the news? I’m quite behind on current affairs. I used to watch the local news in the morning as I got ready for work, but found it to be too depressing. Constantly hearing stories about all the bad things happening in our city/state/world can really bring a girl down. And now that I’m a mother, it’s also made me paranoid. I find myself wondering if things were really this bad when I was a kid, or did my parents just do a good job of limiting our exposure? Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of honest people and good deeds happening, but it always seem to be overshadowed by the negative. Although I rarely watch the local news these days, I can rely on my good ‘ol Facebook feed and Tweets from friends to keep me updated on world events and current trends. And then there’s Star magazine, which we all know is the SOURCE of TRUTH for all that is happening in the entertainment world.
C’mon admit it, you’ve picked up a copy of Star while waiting in line at the grocery check-out. I have. But luckily a family member supplies my stash; I get a pile each time they come to visit. I mean thanks to Star, we know that Bigfoot exists and Tupac is still alive, sipping mai tai’s on a tropical island. Want to know about celebrity break-ups and pregnancies, even before the celebrities themselves know? Read Star magazine. Need winning lotto numbers or have you wondered where Osama Bin Laden is hiding? Star magazine can tell you.
And oh my gawd, did you know Kim and Kanye got married and had a baby? Now I’ve heard it all!

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  1. Amanda October 3, 2014

    Super cute outfit. I’m really loving those shoes and necklace!

    Little Lady Little City

    • Chanelle October 3, 2014

      Thanks, Amanda! I’m a lover of neon and bright colored clothing!

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