Korean Soju Cocktail Recipe

soju-cocktails-drinks Since it is St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to share a cocktail recipe. Our fridge is constantly stocked with a few basics: milk, yogurt, string cheese, eggs, strawberries and soju! What is soju you ask? Well, soju which is packaged in a distinct bright green bottle, is Korea’s national liquor and can be found right next to the kimchi in any Korean household and social gathering (proof here). Soju is an alcohol typically made from rice, wheat or barley, but modern producers often replace rice with other starches such as potatoes, sweet potatoes or tapioca. It is a clear liquid, comparable to vodka with a slightly sweeter taste. It’s usually taken as a shot however, just like vodka, it can be mixed with other flavors, fruit juices and sodas too. Today I am sharing a classic cocktail recipe using soju and yogurt.


// Soju (I recommend Chamisul) – your typical corner grocery store, or even Safeway may not carry this, so head to your nearest asian market (e.g. Ranch 99)

// Korean Yogurt drink or Yakult

// San Pellegrino or tonic water

// Lemon, grapefruit or strawberry for garnish (optional)

// Grapefruit or other juice (optional)

// Cocktail shaker

// Ice

// Glass cup

// Straws (optional)

Step 1: Fill the cocktail shaker halfway with ice.

Step 2: Next, add 1 part soju, 1 part yogurt drink and a splash of San Pellegrino (to make the drink fizzy).

Step 3: Shake, shake, shake what your mama gave you!

Step 4: Pour the soju cocktail into a glass filled with ice. Add another splash of San Pellegrino or even juice if you want to add additional flavor.

On the left, I added grapefruit juice to make the soju version of a “greyhound” (normally made with grapefruit juice + vodka). Also, it added a pretty pink/orange color.

But watch out, this cocktail recipe is a “creeper,” which means that you’ll find yourself sucking them down quickly because they are so tasty and then BAM!… the alcohol will hit you! So as they say, while drinking these, please refrain from driving a vehicle and operating heavy machinery… but it is totally acceptable to break out into the Gangnam Style dance!

Gun bae (cheers) & Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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