We’re Going to Hawaii!

Eeeeeeeek! Ok, maybe I should relax a little. We’re still a few weeks away from taking off, but I actually pulled the trigger and bought our tickets. See, we actually did not have any intentions of going to Hawaii this year. In the past two years we actually traveled a LOT (6 trips including a visit overseas to Korea which I shared here, here and here). Since kids under 2 years of age fly free, we took full advantage; we got our money’s worth, despite not having to spend it on an extra ticket for Riley.

So this year was supposed to be “low key,” meaning only a quick visit to somewhere local. However, when said local trip began to add up (flight, hotel, car, parking, amusement park tickets…), we ditched those plans when we saw we could go to Hawaii for the same price instead. No brainer, right?

I’ve already started compiling a list of places to visit in Oahu (some places will be repeat, others it’ll be our first time). I would love to hear your suggestions on things to do, places to eat and beaches to check out. On this trip we want to go where the locals go.

We want to…

A poke bowl at Ono Seafood. Visit Helena’s for kalua pork, haupia (coconut gelatin) and short ribs before heading north to Giovanni’s shrimp truck. Whenever we’re in town we always visit Rainbow Drive Inn for a plate lunch and Ono Hawaiian Foods for my favorite lau lau. Followed by a walk to Leonard’s Bakery for warm fruit-filled malasadas. Ice cream filled mochi at Bubbies is a must-try, along with Waiola’s shaved ice covered in red azuki beans, condensed milk and li hing mui (sweet and sour dried plum powder). Are you hungry yet? I am!

Despite having been to Hawaii numerous times, we still want to visit a few “touristy” places such as the Polynesian Cultural Center to learn more about the history of Hawaii and catch a luau. A drive out to the Aulani Disney Hotel is also on our list since Riley is obsessed with Mickey and the Disney princesses. We’ll take a walk over to Diamond Head (although with a toddler in tow, we may only make it up to the crater and not the top of the volcano). And of course there will be lots of surf, sand and pool time because ultimately we’ll be there to escape from the daily grind, relax and just hang loose.

Are you planning a trip anywhere this summer? I’d love to hear all about it and live vicariously through you.

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  1. EJ June 29, 2015

    When are you going to Hawaii? We’re going too! Aug 1 – 6.

  2. Stef July 2, 2015

    We love Marukame Udon and Nisshodo Candy Store for chichidango and mochi! If you’re going to go to North Shore for Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, go to Matsumoto’s for shave ice and to Laniakea Beach to see sea turtles! Unfortunately, Aulani does not have Disney princesses, but Riley will definitely find Mickey there! :) Have fun!

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