The Cutest Donuts I Ever Did See

My sweet tooth has been out of control lately and I haven’t met a sweet I don’t like. When Zha Zha returned from LA with these little guys, my initial reaction was, “Oh my gaaaaawwwwdd, they are so cuuuute!” (Yup, exactly in that high pitched shriek!) These donuts are made by Fantastic Donuts, located in LA’s Koreatown, and they sell out quickly! Pre-orders are taken over email only and the donuts are offered in a variety of animals (kitty, piggy, penguin, cow, kitten…) with toppings of your choice (cereal, bacon!, oreos…).

Pay them a visit if you get the hankering for a donut or just need something cute to brighten your day.

Fantastic Donuts | 1101 S. Vermont Ave. | Los Angeles, CA 90006 | Phone (213) 252-5237

Photos by Zha Zha Liang