Happy Holidays… and a few thoughts on Xmas


The final countdown to Xmas begins. Although we got off to a late start with the decorations (we just put up our tree a week ago), we made up for it in celebrations; there has been no shortage of holiday and birthday parties to attend. This holiday season has been quite different than the past few. Now that Riley is older and associates Santa with presents, she’s like a broken record, “Can you add this to my list? Mama, can you put this on my list?” Currently, she’s up to 1,589 items on said list and I constantly have to remind her that Santa will only bring a few gifts to each child…based on good behavior, of course. Her threenagernous (yes, I realize that is not a real word) has been in full effect lately! To be honest, I’m hoping the threat of Santa influencing her good behavior will carry us into next Xmas. Just where can I get one of those Elves on a Shelf, by the way?!? #MilkIt

I’m very much looking forward to celebrating the holidays with my crazy family, watching Riley’s face beam as she opens each gift and stuffing myself silly, because it’s the holidays and you’re supposed to… besides, it’ll make my January juice cleanse all the more worth it.

As for Andy, I know he’s super excited about fine tuning his skills as my Instagram Husband because this blog has been neglected lately and we have an entire week off. What else would we do? ;-P

Wishing you all very Happy Holiday and a kick-ass New Year!