Our Christmas Staycation

xmas-staycation-mieteWith Christmas 2015 in the books, I thought I’d recap how we spent our holiday staycation.

On Sunday we continued the Christmas celebration with a family reunion that included a boisterous game of White Elephant and a bunch of old married farts (me, included) doling out dating advice to my husband’s 20-something year old nephew. Ah, to be young again!


Monday: We stayed inside alllllllll day. The closest we came to stepping outside were the few times we peered out the window. Although the sun was beaming, we knew it was a mirage. We resisted the urge to actually leave the house because of the bone-chilling temperatures (yes, 48 degrees is cold here in NorCal). The biggest decision made this day was just how long of a nap to take. In the evening I read a book cover-to-cover, an activity I haven’t had time to do since… well, I can’t remember. ‘Twas a good day.


Tuesday: We broke our cabin fever with a trip to San Francisco for lunch in Hayes Valley at Souvla. There are a number of restaurants, boutiques and bakeries that make this neighborhood worth visiting. We ate, shopped, played and made it home in time for our regular afternoon nap. Ahhhhh!


Wednesday: I’ve been admiring the lob and after scrolling through Pinterest, I decided to trim my hair too. Except that I asked Andy if he would do the honor. And by honor, let me tell you I was scared to death. But after a few snips here and a few snips there, I really like the shorter length. I’m thinking of taking off another 2 inches, in fact.


Thursday: On New Year’s Eve we wore our nicest pajamas, drove to a friend’s house and celebrated with a 3 month old and a threenager. We rang in 2016 in bed, asleep before midnight. Partay!


Friday-Saturday: We had a belated Christmas celebration with the Kim side and had a nice dinner at Shadowbrook in Capitola. Riley’s favorite part was taking the cable car down the hillside to get to the restaurant.


I know it’s customary to begin a new year with a few goals; so I came up with some to share. I’ve tried to keep mine reasonable because I have horrible will power and I get distracted easily. But here goes nothin’. This year I strive to…

1. Be more conscious about my health. This includes my meal and snack options, listening to my body when it tells me something is “off”, and trying to exercise every now and then. (Baby steps, folks!)

2. Work on my photography skills and master the dials on my DSLR. One of my favorite parts of blogging is being able to look back at moments captured. I’m hoping this year they are a little less blurry.

3. $pend less and $ave more. I’d like to put more money aside and not spend as frivilously. After devoting three weekends in December to cleaning out my house room-by-room and cabinet-by-cabinet, I realized that material things only bring an abbreviated amount of joy before they are lost, hidden away and forgotten. Instead, I’d like to invest in experiences (like taking trips, exploring neighborhoods, or learning a new craft…) because those are what lasting memories are made of.

Do you believe in New Year resolutions? I’d love to hear what’s on your list.

Happy, happy 2016!