5 Favorite Daiso Finds


Have you heard of Daiso? It’s a Japanese (100-yen) franchise equivalent of the Dollar Store here in the States. Most products they carry range from $1.50 to $5.00US, a combination of insanely cute and extremely practical items that will make you feel like you NEED to buy everything on display. A cute banana holder for your kid’s lunchbox? I’m sure you didn’t realize this product even exists and yes, why don’t you have one to prevent that banana from being smashed in your lunch bag or purse? Did you know they also make mop slippers so you can clean the floor while walking around the house? How efficient! But rest assured, Daiso is one-step ahead of you in helping you realize there are critical items missing in your life. So today I’m sharing a round-up of my five favorite Daiso finds…

1. Storage bins.

The storage options are plentiful at Daiso. You can find everything from plastic bins (of all sizes) to hanging organizers to cloth laundry buckets, like the one pictured above. This is my latest acquisition, such a cheap and stylish option, as opposed to a boring ‘ol plastic basket, for hiding the endless piles of toys around our house.

2. The cutest erasers

My toddler is obsessed with Shopkins, little figurines of mini grocery and department store goods. Needless to say, she was so excited to find these food and animal shaped puzzle erasers that resemble Shopkins, in the stationary section. No matter how hard I try to divert my kiddo away from passing these in the store, we always end up with a pack or two in our shopping cart.

3. Pretty little dishes

We have several different sets which we use for condiments; a necessity when my toddler must have ranch dressing at every meal because she likes to dip her veggies into the sauce. We also frequently eat sushi at home (remember this post for making Temaki handrolls?) and these dishes are perfect for holding all the ingredients.

4. Cell phone holders
I can’t even tell you how many cell phone holders we own. We have one in each room, on our desk, dining table and one tucked in my purse which I pull out when we’re at a restaurant. It’s a lifesaver because Riley doesn’t have to sit hunched over to watch a show or play a game and she can eat hands-free.

5. Socks

The cute socks in the various animal prints always get me. And despite the low price point, they actually hold up quite well. In addition to socks, Daiso also sells leg warmers which I stock up on in the winter (as I mentioned here in my tips for layering to stay warm).

Are you sold yet? Check here to search for a Daiso in your location; they’re popping up in cities all over the US. Remember to bring a bag or two for all the items you’ll find. But if you forget, don’t worry! They sell those too.