How to Rock a One-Piece And Not Look Like a Baby

If you don’t believe that fashion is cyclical, you haven’t been paying attention. With a few tweaks to the original style, almost everything makes a return to runways whether it’s flare jeans, crop tops, or leather biker jackets.

Recently, the revival trend has taken after one-piece wonders like overalls, jumpers, and rompers. Remember when I featured this jumpsuit, here? If you’re not sure how to sport these single styles from the ’90s, there are a few tips to follow for each piece.

// Overalls
Overalls can help you look chic, cool, or casual depending on which pair you choose. But whether you prefer shorts, pants, or floral patterns, just make sure both straps are securely fastened. Slouchy, one-strap styles reminiscent of ’90s grunge didn’t make their way back with the trend.

Classic blue denim varieties still look great, but you can also go outside the box a bit with sleek black styles, grays with a skinny leg, and even different print patterns. For a good set of guidelines, check out this compilation of celebrities recently spotted sporting all different pairs.


// Bodysuits
Some people think of a bodysuit as a spin on the leotard. Others see them as a shirt that permanently stays tucked in. Some people just see them as wedgie-inducing bathing suits. But if you’re willing to try out this bold style, it can have big rewards.

Usually bodysuits leave little to the imagination, so if you plan on wearing it anywhere other than a night out on the town, you’ll want to use your bodysuit as part of a multi-layered outfit. Try it under an unbuttoned sweater with a pair of high-waisted pants. Or try a lace variety with solid underlay and pair it with a flowing skirt. For more examples, check out some of the articles on this site. In addition to write-ups explaining the style and highlighting collections from different designers, they can also show you how to better your newfound ’90s look with accessories inspired by the decade.

// Rompers
When you were little and wore a romper, you looked cute. Today, you can find styles for grown ups that will make you look downright gorgeous, and not like a baby. If you opt for shorts instead of pants, the main thing to remember is that although they can help you show off your legs, rompers aren’t designed to help you show off the bottom of your rear. Make sure the shorts of each romper you purchase are long enough to keep you covered no matter what your day has in store.

To figure out the best way to sport your new piece take a fashion note from Taylor Swift. A recent article published here covered several of her looks that are perfect for the upcoming warm weather.

Sometimes, less really is more, but you just have to know how to pull it off. Follow a few of these guidelines, and see if you’re bold enough to pull off a one-piece when the weather warms up!


  1. Melis February 23, 2016

    great post, love the tips!

    xx Melis

  2. Happiness at Mid Life March 1, 2016

    I have not worn an overall in probably more than 20 years! Great tips.


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