Transistor Radio Nostalgia

The other weekend my mother came to visit and she brought a transistor radio for Riley. Now, can you think of the last time you saw or even listened to one? …   Me too. I’m so accustomed to using my iPhone for everything, including streaming playlists from iTunes, Pandora and Spotify. But Riley, a true iGen/ Generation Z / post-Millennial child, capable of navigating to the YouTube kids app on her own to find a show or music video to watch, was naturally curious and amazed when my mother handed her a shiny silver box that played music. MIND. BLOWN!

In true toddler fashion, she snapped off the antenna with a few twists and turns. Because, of course she did. That’s what almost-4 year olds do. What did we expect? Silly.

Thankfully, it still gets pretty decent reception, so we can listen to stations without constantly having to adjust the dial, or stand perfectly still in awkward positions like with our arms raised above our heads toward the window.

Last night as Riley was getting ready for bed, she brought her radio into the bathroom and set it down. The radio was set to 98.1 KISSFM, a Bay Area “throwback” station, playing songs that I listened to every night before bed when I was a kid, with my mother. We listened and sang to artists like Earth, Wind & Fire, Whitney Houston, The Police, Stevie Wonder and Sheena Easton. And you know what? They just don’t make music like they used to! Yes, it’s so cliche. I know every generation says that about current music, and as a mother now myself, I feel exactly the same way. I miss those songs.

As Riley’s birthday approaches, I think I’ll get her another radio; a non-technology, technology gift. If that makes any sense. But you know what I mean…  so we can listen to her favorite songs together (i.e. anything by Taylor Swift)

One day, I’m sure she’ll also tell her kids that they don’t make music like they used to.

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  1. Sheree March 31, 2016

    This is such a cute post…reading about the part when she snapped off the antennae LOL. You two look so delightful and adorable! Please feel free to stop by my weekly linkup with two other stylish mommas and share your story and style!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

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