Olive You

As we head into fall, I’m alway excited to see which colors will be the “IT” colors of the season. One shade in particular that has caught my eye is olive green. Finding a match to complement your skin tone can sometimes be tricky due to the yellow undertones in this shade, but the key is to pair it with other contrasting items like a cream sleeveless blazer or denim jacket so that it does not end up looking like a JROTC uniform (reminiscent of my high school drill team days. True story.)

While “olive” this shade, there are a few more things I’ve also been loving lately…

Riley picked out this necklace for herself, but graciously lets me borrow it. It’s one of my favorite accessories, actually.

Four years old is my new favorite age. Riley is really starting to look like a big kid now and less like a toddler. And while she still has her occasional tantrums from time-to-time, I can’t tell you how glad I am to be past those threenage years!


I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this phone case, which I got on this site! (And heeeyyy, oh, that’s me on the homepage!) It has been a complete game changer and it is so convenient to have my hands free and not have to constantly dig for my phone in my purse. Get.one.now!


Sleeveless blazer // Necklace // Grey T-shirt // Olive Slacks

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  1. Johanna Grange August 30, 2016

    Such sweet shots of you and your mini and I love your chic ensemble. Perfect for transitioning!

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