Tea Time @ DAVIDs TEA – Palo Alto, CA

In honor of #FBF, and as a tribute to our final days of Indian Summer here in the Bay Area, I am sharing a visit I made last year to a cheerful tea shop in Palo Alto. What I initially thought was a stationary store because of the colorful shelves and decor, to my surprise, ended up being a tea bar. While I’m a coffee lover first and foremost, sometimes it feels too “heavy” for my palette and instead I crave a beverage that is cool and refreshing… yet will still deliver that caffeinated buzz! DAVIDsTEA is a nice coffee shop alternative.

Admittedly, my tea familiarity only spans the flavors included in a box of Celeste, or of the Snapple and Arizona varieties. The number of flavors and options at this tea bar are endless; floral or fruity, hot or cold, black or with cream. If you are unsure of which one to pick, it can be a little overwhelming. But thankfully, the helpful baristas on staff are willing to ask you a few questions about flavor preferences and steep a cup for you to try.

Unlike most tea parlors which are adorned in pink, floral and covered in doilies, DAVIDsTEA has a sitting area in the back furnished with Eames-inspired chairs and offers free WiFi. This modern tea shop surely give its coffee bean neighbors a run for their money. 

DAVIDsTEA | 318 University Ave | Palo Alto, CA 94301 | (650) 462-1450

Photos by Zha Zha Liang

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  1. Lauryn Hock November 5, 2016

    Oh man, now I am craving iced tea!!!

    xo, Lauryn

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