Mademoiselle Colette – A French Bakery in Menlo Park, CA


When your two very masculine coworkers start raving about desserts they’ve recently had at a French bakery… it kind of makes you wonder if they are really that good. I mean normally they’re talking about rough ‘n tough stuff like sports, cars and beer. But whenever the topic of dessert comes up, they swear the pastries from Mademoiselle Colette in Menlo Park are the best they’ve had outside of France. “You have got to try that passionfruit thing!!”

After lunch yesterday, while in downtown Menlo Park, I finally made the trip to this patisserie. Displayed on the counter were flakey croissants (recognized in San Francisco Magazine’s Best of 2016 poll), delicate macarons, creamy eclairs and seasonal fruit tarts made by a talented young pastry chef that moved to the US from France. But their signature item, the pain au chocolat often sells out by 9am so sadly, I didn’t get to try it. But the passionfruit “thing” that my coworkers raved about…. yup, they were spot on! It was definitely my favorite.


Mademoiselle Colette | 816 Santa Cruz Ave | Menlo Park, CA 94025 | (650) 644-8469